story behind the brand.

The concept of Preppy Poindexter started back when Lincoln Powell, Jr., the originator, was in high school, however the brand did not get its name until 2012. Prior to 2012 Lincoln spent countless hours contemplating a name for the brand. He would compile long lists asking family members and friends to choose the name that stood out to them. One Sunday evening Lincoln was visiting with his parents. This particular Sunday his uncle was at the house as well. Joking as usual, his uncle made the statement, “Boy I heard you’re in college dressing like a Poindexter wearing bow ties and glasses.” Of course Lincoln denied the allegations because he knew that his uncle was joking, when in fact he was in college dressing like a ‘Poindexter’. On the ride back to college Lincoln paired different names with Poindexter. After a few minutes of doing this he became frustrated and stopped. After reflecting on a conversation with one of his peers felt that the term ‘Preppy’ fit perfectly. One of his peers told him that regardless of how he dresses it always comes off as preppy. At first Preppy Poindexter sounded kind of awkward together but the more he thought about it and said it aloud it began to stick.